Contribute to the Centenary Trust (capital projects)

Creating opportunity and maintaining our world-class school.

In recent years the College has invested heavily in development of its infrastructure. Through the generosity of many benefactors, this has created an enviable and highly resourced educational environment for our pupils. We need to not only preserve our historic campus, but we also need to ensure that it continues to provide the necessary facilities associated with a world class school. All funds gathered for these capital development projects are administered by the Centenary Trust. 

Each of us came to Kingswood on a different path. And each has taken the same turn up Burton Street, reveling in our school for the first time. By the time we leave, we realise this: It is the people of this school who have shaped and transformed our lives. Grounded in the strength of this family, we have always joined together…and it is up to us to ensure Kingswood’s brightest future.

Contribute to the Centenary Trust (capital projects)

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