Make A Bequest: Leaving a legacy to Kingswood

Since its foundation, Kingswood has benefited enormously from the generosity of Old Kingswoodians and friends who have generously left gifts to the school in their wills.

Like many Independent Schools, all improvements and developments are either self-funded or the product of generous donations from the Kingswood Community. Even the smallest legacy can make a real difference, and the Sugarloaf Society was established to recognise this and those whose generosity and love for the College result in them leaving a living legacy to Kingswood. 

All legacies left to Kingswood are currently exempt from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax potentially reducing the tax burden on your family.

How can I pledge a legacy?

Making a legacy pledge is simply a statement of your intention to do so when you complete a legacy pledge form.  To leave a legacy to Kingswood, please contact Dr. Colleen Vassiliou: